Monday, 9 April 2012

No Playoffs for the Raptors

With Sunday evenings loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Toronto Raptors were officially eliminated from Playoff contention.

   Not only did the Raptors lose the game, but they lost forward Andrea Bargnani to a calf injury in the first half. With only 9 games remaining on the schedule and no chance of making the playoffs I think it's best for the Raptors to shut down their best player Bargnani for the remainder of the season, I only say that because he's already missed a good chunk of the season due to an on-going injury to his calf and it's better for the team to not risk anymore damage and play him for the remaining meaningless games.

Also this years draft is going to be the deepest it's been in years, so in my opinion(and I hate saying this as a big sports fan) it's in the Raptors best interests to lose as many games as possible to get a very high pick in the NBA Lottery which will be taking place in late May.

But next season the Raptors have no excuses and it'll be time for them to make a push in making the playoffs, as it's been four seasons since the Raptors played those extra games in late April/Early May

Nard Dogg

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