Monday, 9 April 2012

Kobe Bryant is a God

When it's all said and done,Kobe may not leave the same legacy as the "GOAT" Michael Jordan, but you can't deny his heart. Kobe was awful on Saturday, going 0-15 from quarters one to three, posting the worst shooting performance of his career. It wasn't until there were only 7 minutes left that he hit his first field goal, but he still finished by hitting the game-winning three pointer. As he made the shot you can see Hornets guard Trevor Ariza just smiling like he knew it was going in. Heck, everyone in the building knew it was going in. The next night he shakes it off and explodes for 40 points in a win vs Golden State. The "Black Mamba" is truly one of the best ever and I'm not looking forward to the day he retires.

Nard Dogg

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